Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kat Masback

We connect to art for very personal reasons. Some reasons profound, some seemingly random. What I know about my reasons is that I respond strongly to composition and color, as do we all, usually. (Although even there, the personal and subjective raises its hand). But for me, singularly, there are some very common givens to which I gravitate to. Imagination. Whimsy. Brighter color. Hand done. Precise. Organic. Light filled. Darkness at the edges. And I like contrast within pieces. A lot. There are only a handful of artists that I truly connect to on this very personal, it-hits-all-my-buttons level… Here is one of those artists: Kat Masback.

Kat’s work is SO incredibly intelligent. I find so many relationships and tangents in her work --- I (ecstatically) get lost following all the evident pathways. Her work, for me, is a synapse explosion.

Look and you’ll see cities, urban planning, flow charts, entomology, creature creation, nature as metaphor, nature as creature, visual data archiving, calculations --- other planets, other worlds…

[all work/images by Kat Masback via her Flickr photostream]

Kat has an Etsy shop here... This is my favorite in the shop.

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