Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lantern [light]

I am working on a new (commissioned) piece that will be all about landscape in shadow --- using "darker" tones (navy, brown, deep green) with slight points of color --- color as light is what I am imagining. I'm very inspired by lanterns in the dusk or dark of night as these excellently talented photographers seem to have caught the spirit of what I am hoping to capture as well:

[images via flickr by: 1. Cathycracks 2. sahrizvi 3. ajpscs 4. Happychan 5. Dyrk.Wyst 6. Sanctu]


elizabeth said...

these are so beautiful, letha! i thought you might enjoy the work of
rune guneriussen

i hope to see you soon.

LethaColleen said...

Elizabeth - rune's work is stunning! Stumbling over myself now to go write a post about him post-haste! :)