Saturday, January 3, 2009

Steampunk love

I am a sucker for steampunk --- that geekiest of love for all things 'historically technological' from the age of steam power. For me it's a contrast thing --- and I'm just a big sci-fi nerd, what can I say --- the parallel universe angle that pops up in the genre is a draw as well...

This is a bit of a random post because I am now just going to throw a whole bunch of examples of my current favorite steam punk things into the open and share them with you (to see if you might like them too).

[images belong to 1. zachwass2000 of secrets, inc. 3.garagemonkeysan 4.unknown (apologies!) 5. Lindsey Bucklew 6. mad art jewerly 7. elisabiffy volts 8.unknown (apologies!) 9. moonwild 10. mad art jewelry 11. unknown (apologies!) 12. flickrmao 13. Urban Heirlooms

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