Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sara Lechner (workspace)

I came across Austrian textile artist Sara Lechner's beautifully inspiring workspace and art work via flickr (that wonderful portal to so many talented people)...

Sara's studio functions as her work space, a teaching spot and a shop --- looking at it you can see what a lot of work and personal investment of time and energy went into making the space it's self and as a result it really has it's own spirit. Great light, intriguing objects --- both found and created... So lovely and interesting.

And it's straw bale construction --- sustainable is beautiful --- (as if there should ever have been any doubt!)

And now here are the fruits of Sara's labor --- as I so often exclaim "how could you not be creative and prolific in a space like this" I do now --- and here is the proof below in Sara's colorful, dream like and wonderfully composed textile pieces.

[all work/images belong to Sara Lechner, via her flickr photostream]

Extraordinary work made in the most inspiring of spots --- Seattle to Mank is a very long way, but if Sara will have me, (next time I'm in Austria, who am I kidding, the first time I'm in Austria) I want to visit.

Visit Sara's Etsy shop, recycled art blog, and her personal blog for more...

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Sara Lechner said...

thank you for the wonderful review. :-)