Friday, January 9, 2009

Ophelia Chong

Incredibly lovey collage work by Ophelia Chong. There are so many talented artists out there in our world, it's truly amazing and inspiring --- but then, among all those talents there are the ones that just hit every visual pressure point for me; color, composition, content, progression --- and down I go crippled by admiration. In the very best of ways --- I never want to get up again!

Most of these pieces are from Ophelia's '
Slips of Paper' series --- carefully contoured petal shapes, or licks of flames (depending on how you read it) over found background textures. Many incorporate elements of iconic art --- I admit to being totally cemented in my head-over-heels status with Ophelia's art when I saw the piece that brings in a portion of a painting from my favorite historical artist Caspar David Friedrich.

[images/work by Ophelia Chong, via her flickr photostream]

Visit Ophelia's Web
site for more examples of her multi talents --- and if you are as taken by her work as I am you will want to click here to go explore more.

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Ophelia Chong said...

Thank you so much for your kind and supportive words. You are an inspiration.

:O) Ophelia