Thursday, January 15, 2009

Michael Mew

From the content of Michael Mew's work its clear that he's drawn to botany, science and astronomy --- and his subtle bits of surrealist influence balance very nicely with the distressed and decayed modern sensibility of most of the pieces. And what a great eye for color. Because I really love the use of bright saturated colors that are then rubbed away a bit to a more matured patina I am quite taken with Micheal's work...

This first one is a personal favorite as I only recently discovered the Canna Lily when I was pulling flowers types for arrangements for a friends wedding this past summer --- such a sculptural flower the lily, but the canna has a wildness to it that I really fell for.

[all work/images belong to Micheal Mew, via his Web site]

Micheal is a very prolific artist --- there is a lot more to peruse --- you should go look here!

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