Sunday, January 18, 2009

Elizabeth Steiner

When I saw Elizabeth's jewelry work for the first time I was really struck by it --- such a great use of content (nature as coveted objects of adornment) treated very thoughtfully with contrast and scale. Crocheted rocks is a prevalent motif right now, but Elizabeth's creations with rocks below have a rustic, casual fuzziness that totally belies (and then re-enforces) the weight and solidity of the rocks strung around the neck. (Very clever this one.)

[all work/images belong to Elizabeth Esteiner via her flickr photostream]

I personally think the 'Fossil Pocket watch' has an element of imaginative story telling to it that could be turned into a entire world with multiple character arcs and adventures...

For more of Elizabeth's work go here. [Elizabeth has a blog and an Etsy shop --- the shop is unrelated to her jewelry work --- but do visit her there if you'd like to see what else she gets up too...]

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