Thursday, December 4, 2008

Yvette Molina --- more beautiful decay

Yvette Molina's paintings look a lot like some of the fairy tales felt when I read them as a child... The colors are cool and pristine and the quietness of the imagery is really lovely-

Her best work though, I think, are these aluminum, convex disks that she's painted the puddling and acidic decay of natural elements in such a compacted, macro view... Certainly it's reminiscent of Darren Waterston's work, but here there is that 'stillness' and sense of the solitary nature of nature that I think is quite a different feel.

[disc images via bldgblog, top three painting images via]

Originally stumbled upon via a post about Yvette on bldgblog [a great read if you are at all interested in architecture...]

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