Monday, December 22, 2008

Organic Architecture (Robert Oshatz)

So I was watching the travel channel (I think) the other night and they were doing a special on 'extreme houses' --- they showed a particular house that really drew my interest --- 'the wave house' by Robert Oshatz. Robert is a organic architect for the most part and I really like some of his work... This particular house (the Wilkenson House) was built for a musician in Portland, OR., the architecture supports ideal acoustics for music.

[images from Robert Oshatz's Web portfolio]

Although the interiors and a few elements of the architecture read a little early 90's (OK a lot), I'd like to see this house in person. After finding the above I went hunting for more and found the Fennell Residence --- also by Oshatz and also in Portland.

[Images from Ultimate House]

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