Saturday, December 6, 2008

(Collage) Ginette Couture

Well --- I have a particular love for collage, I've been doing it myself since I was a kid and I've always loved the art forms basic act of taking disparate and/or complementary elements and putting them together to form a composition. For me it's extremely satisfying. I think it's only now that I am actually getting kind of good at it --- and so I have not only an affinity for collage but when I come across those artists that are really good at it, I've got awe.

The below examples are from the huge body of work by Ginette and these collages definitely cause me to experience awe at the results of element combinations, colors and the extremely effective use of type and font characters... Really great stuff.

[all images belong to Ginette Couture, via her flickr photostream]

This last one might be my personal favorite --- I've been using old sheet music in a series of pieces lately and it's surprising how effective it is at conveying a variety of nostalgia relationships and connections --- pared together here with the photo negatives it works really well for me...

Ginette, as I mentioned, is very prolific - go here for her flickr sets to see more. And FYI, if you are at all interested in collage, there's a really great blog devoted to the higher end art of collage --- notpaper --- and they featured Ginette's work a while back in a really great interview... go here if you'd like to read it.

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