Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cloverleaf Innovation

From This ain't no disco, it's where we work comes a look @ Cloverleaf Innovation's work space. What I love about this space is the warm and slightly feminine residential feel despite it's commercial enterprise --- it has an inviting/relaxed --- one might say --- sunroom/conservatory feel... And then I am always a sucker for nature indoors, those birch branches are great...

It went from this:

To this:
[all photos belong to Cloverleaf Innovations, via This ain't no disco, it's where we work]

Check out the story of the building's history and transformation here.

And... If you have the time and inclination, This ain't no disco is really fun to troll through --- it's a blog/catalog of workspace interiors --- all advertising/branding/graphics agencies --- so it's a limited scope of interior design --- but these people like to have fun and/or make a statement with their spaces so there are some great design results to discover...

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