Saturday, November 22, 2008

Traci French

Fair warning --- this is going to be a very long post visually because I was unable to bring myself to edit.

The below are just the smallest selection of the photos from Traci French that I personally love --- I couldn't take any of them out. Really beautiful and atmospheric --- gorgeously composed and colored, many of these really transport the spirit and spark the imagination. And to be able to accomplish that feat with a bowl of cherries? What a gift.

[all photos by Traci French, via her flickr photostream]

Traci keeps a lovely blog and has an Etsy shop wherein she sells selected prints of her work. If you'd like to subscribe to her flickr photostream (like I have!) go here.

Have a lovely weekend all --- I am sitting in a rare winter pacific northwest sun patch right now, full of joy from Traci's photos --- I hope you hit a similar vein of 'happy to be alive' today as well.

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