Monday, November 10, 2008

Mutt Ink

Mutt Ink is Jeremy Holmes' design studio --- he's a graphic designer/illustrator that appears to have his hand in a lot of things... (I just discovered him via Thumbtack Press and the recent feature of him as 'fresh' in Communication Arts Illustration Annual issue) I really like his style, especially the early works that develop into children's animations...
[Illustration for New Scientist Magazine]

The first thing I found from Mutt Ink (and really, really liked because of the mix of graph paper, some rendered elements, some not, lack of scaled perspective in the composition, etc.) was this:

[The Paste Faunomusicology Society presents A Field Guide to Animal Bands...]

I think, based on the fact that I also find the below to be amazing as well, that I just really like graph paper...

[Illustration for an article in The New York Times]

I think the watercolor effect mixed with the 'pixalation' and the small scale symbols is particularly well done --- good color too.

[Cover illustration for The Village Voice]

And the last thing I recommend is to go here and click on the little fluttering butterfly in the top corner and watch the ensuing animation... and.. he has a blog and an Etsy shop...

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