Thursday, November 13, 2008

Jonathon Adler's Menagerie

I know I like animals. I know I like simplified forms that capture the essence of a person/place/things spirit without cluttering it up with layers of fluff. Givens. But I forget how much I like both and hadn't realised that Jonathon Adler's Menagerie collection achieves the later so very well in the form of... the former. *laughing at myself*

The lion is my favorite --- but just barely --- I am taken with all of them...

I will never need a butter dish, I will never want a butter dish --- I would feel amazingly domesticated and strange if I owned a butter dish because of all the implications a butter dish implies simply by being... But this whale butter dish makes me think that whales are the only form a butter dish should take and if I HAD to have a butter dish this would be the one for me and I would almost like owning it.

Rhino --- coming soon!

Super regal. Super expensive.

The elephant that has eyes that read as ears that read as an owl!

There is a new Christmas tree ornament version of the lion that wouldn't break the bank and may possibly come and live with me someday soon... Maybe. Have a look-see at the rest of the menagerie here if you are so inclined.

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