Saturday, November 15, 2008

Great Graphic Design (Shailesh Khandeparkar)

I'm a designer, but I'm not a graphic designer --- in fact I really get lost when it comes to the small scale (and what feels to me like) minutia of composition & proportion in branding and the complications of web architecture and structure. Working with interior architecture, despite its many levels of technical complexity (but larger frame work) seems like a breeze compared to selecting the right font - knowing what brand direction to take a client in - etc. Whew! But my partner is awesomely good at it and shares his skills, knowledge and interest in graphics with me and I've really come to have a great appreciation of the whole world of brand, advertising and the process of quantifying product, market and personality through visual elements.

Our home is his business/office and one of the neat by products of that for me is that I get to have access to all the design magazines he subscribes to... The new issue of Communication Arts showed up here a couple of weeks ago --- one of the 'design annuals' and I am really liking quite a lot of the work being featured.

These public service ads were done by Shailesh Khandeparkar for World Wildlife Fund and I think the illustrations are stupendous. They have a refined, complex 'where's waldo' feel to them that I think is clever.

I am not a fan of Shailesh Khandeparkar's other illustration work, it's the opposite of the above in terms of beauty and effectiveness in my opinion, too bright, too cartoony --- but the WWF illustrations are good work and I'd love to have a print of the jelly fish...

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