Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dolan Geiman

I've been putting off posting about Dolan Geiman's work because I am afraid I can't do it justice. But I'm going to try...

Dolan does really intricate and deeply layered collage work. While the collages are completely modern/urban they've got their roots firmly in Americana and folk art. He draws from found objects, salvaged woods and metals --- various and sundry recycled items to make up his pieces.

Dolan's studio is full of the same spirit that's inherent in his art work and was recently shown off in a great article/photo sneak peak featured on Design*Sponge, take a look & a read, it's a wonderful space with great elbow room, a green rooftop and lots of good light and color. Here's a quick look to peek your curiosity... then go take a look at the full post...

[photo via design*sponge]

Being able to see elements of works in progress is almost as much of a fascination of mine as getting a peak at creative work spaces so I was pretty pleased to see a few such images in Dolan's flickr photostream --- Out of all of Dolan's work I like the 'construction' pieces the best because of their highly effective 3 dimensionality through the recycled materials and I love being able to see some of their key elements up close in these 'working' shots.

[all photos of the art work via Dolan Geiman's flickr photostream]

Dolan has a an Etsy shop (currently having a couple of great sales), blog and an extensive flickr photo stream to follow. Hooray!

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Dolan Geiman said...

Hello Letha!

Thanks again for mentioning Dolan's work on your blog -- which is a great read! We wish you all the best and hope you'll keep in touch!

Dolan Geiman & Ali Walsh,