Monday, November 17, 2008

C. Jeré

I think most of us that grew up in the 70's/early 80's probably remember a metal wall sculpture somewhere in our house --- I know I can recall a couple in particular (kids marching perpetually across the wall with various musical instruments is the one that comes to mind for me).

Back in the day there were metal wall sculptures and then there were Curtis Jere wall sculptures. Looking through the Jonathon Adler site at the menagerie collection the other day I rediscovered Jere --- because some of his most iconic pieces are being re-released through Adler's company... I once designed (while still a student) a whole restaurant around the Jere raindrops piece...

So I got nostalgic and I wanted to see a wider selection of the sculptures and I wanted to see them in room settings --- Flickr to the rescue!


The Parker Hotel, Palm Springs
[image from Tildon Lane's flickr photostream]

[image from Sandi Vincent's flickr photostream]

Wow! Check out the photo set that the above belongs to if you are a mid-century furniture fan like I am...

[image from polycystin71's flickr photostream]

[image from Allison Newhouse's Flickr photostream]

And away I go. Happy Monday!

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