Monday, November 3, 2008

Angela Adams 'Rain' Print

Archival prints of Anglea Adam's couture rugs have been available for a while --- and I periodically go peek at them on-line and debate a purchase... Now I am thinking that I will put the one below at the top of my birthday/Christmas list this year. At least mentally...

This is called 'Rain' --- the original full size rug had swarovski crystals on it and cost upwards of 14,000 dollars. Crazyness. I would have loved to have seen it, but despite it's obviously conceptual/inspirational nature I would probably have been bothered a bit by the excessiveness. In my world the print will suffice and might even be preferable. The process of flattening a 3D element like a rug --- turning it from soft and plush to hard and papery --- moving it from underfoot to being parallel with my up-right body... Right up my philosophical alley.

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