Sunday, November 30, 2008

1,000 Journals Project

What a fascinating project. Send out a thousand blank journals into the world at large, let each person have their page, and see what returns to you. And then publish so people like myself can also, in turn, be immersed into a brief (often poignant and/or creatively rich) flash of strangers lives, motivations... Not only is the concept an intriguing one on a sociological level --- but as an example of collective artistic collaboration on a organic level it's wonderful. The results are incredible.

The project was conceived of by 'some guy' a San Fransisco artist and got underway in 2000 --- currently it's progressed to a published collection from the first journal that arrived back to its origin, filled. There is a documentary inspired by the project and selections from the first journals are also on display at San Fransisco's MOMA as well...

Covers for the various journals have been explored by multiple artists --- really, I am not sure that there is much about the whole project that isn't openly collaborative.

It's hard not to post ALL the available images...

Go to the official Web site for more --- a huge selection of photos of the scanned pages, where to buy the first book and the chance to sign onto a waiting list to receive a journal and be a contributor to this project yourself.

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