Thursday, October 23, 2008

Work spaces

I'd really like a dedicated work space for art, writing and all the other etcetera of creativity... Especially right now when I seem to be in the midst of a creative explosion and have multiple pieces in various stages of assembly. (alternatively know as 'mess of the century'.)
I've given it a lot of thought for quite a while, what my creative space might look like when I look up from whatever it is that I am working on and how I'll be able to work sooooo much better (we'll see!) --- it'll come about eventually given more of a personal 'economic' balance and the space, place and time... Until then I really enjoy looking at other people's creative spaces. This one belongs to Crafty Intentions and what a great space! I love the Robin's egg blue with the brick and white shelving (and a corner full of colorful felts just begging to be used doesn't hurt!)
[images from Crafty Intentions 'craftroom' flickr set]

It's the little touches (that count)-

Clever and good look'in --- individual containers like this are instant instigators of curiosity in me --- I want to be able to go and see what's in each one of them...

Clean and bright and full of color --- so how could you not make awesome stuff ? (Crafty Intention's etsy shop here)

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