Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Oxford Project

If I want to have some cringe inducing personal moments all I have to do is reread my old journals --- especially the oldest ones from when I was nine or so and all my entries consisted of either complaining about my mother or making lists of the boys I had crushes on.

But I keep them because through them I can see my own development and patterns more clearly. If I didn't have them I would obscure some of my reality with adjusted memories (because my mind always wants me to come off better, even to my self.)

I am pretty fascinated by this project.
The Oxford Project. I came across it via sub-studio design. The project makes visible the practise of following personal realities (as well as illustrating that no life's story is banal or benign.)

Hunter Tandy

"I've always wanted to be a truck driver like my father. When that first picture was taken, I wanted to be a truck driver so bad that I said I'd like to be buried in an 18-wheeler when I die. I still do."

Iowa Honn

"I didn't realize I had such nice straight legs."

In 1984, Peter Feldstein went to Oxford, Iowa (pop. 673) and offered to take free portraits of everyone in the town. 20 years later he went back to Oxford with writer Stephen G. Bloom. When the two men met with and photographed the town's residents for the second time, they asked people to "tell the truth" about their lives. They said they felt like through the project they became "confessors to an undiscovered America."

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Megan said...

Thank you for sharing Letha, what a beautiful idea.