Saturday, October 11, 2008

Little, Big, John Crowley & Peter Milton

My favorite book is Little, Big by John Crowley. When I read this book I feel as if I am standing, one foot in my world and the other in Edgewood inside of 'the tale' with the characters. Each time I read Little, Big I do it as slowly as I can --- I want to delay the reality of finding both feet back firmly in only my own world .

I likely would never have read Little, Big were it not for Elliot Bay Books & the cover illustration by Peter Milton. An Elliot Bay employee did me the huge favor of putting the book on the shelf with the cover facing out, I was totally enamored by the illustration and picked it up. I investigated Peter Milton almost immediately and discovered an amazingly intricate and bittersweet expression of the other worldliness of dreams and memory.

Hidden Cities II: Embarkation for Cythera

Hidden Cities III: Continuum

"Medium : First, a collage from photocopies of two centuries of the Galleria. Second, a full size transparency of the collage combined with a second Mylar sheet with my usual sugar/ink texture. Both sheets drawn on and scraped. Third, an etching on copper, capturing drawing with a gelatin resist gravure etching process. Fourth, engraving into the etched plate. Extensive, and my favorite part. Finally, a print on paper, with drawing and erasing touches on each impression. Time: surreal, alarmingly close to two years. Content: discoveries, stumbles, revision and elation. My continuum." Peter Milton

Points of Departure III Twentieth Century Limited

Points of Departure II Nijinsky Variations

Really spectacular, haunting work. Please visit Peter Milton for more.

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